With over 20+ years of combined expereince, the team here at Trinity Tree can solve almost any tree related issue for you. Read on below to learn more about our company and our team.

Who we are

Family Owned & Operated

Trinity Tree Service was founded by brothers, Jason and Justin Burnett. Along with their crew, the company has over 20+ years of experience working in tree services. In just a short time, the business has grown to receive high-level reviews from its customers. Trinity Tree Service strives to uphold our superior level of service and high customer satisfaction. We are driven by our motivation to provide the best level of tree care that can enhance the appearance of your property or business, remove dangerous or hazardous trees, and provide top quality tree services for your needs.


Georgia National Cemetery

It was our honor and privilege to be selected to complete a job for the Georgia National Cemetery in Canton, Ga. Trinity Tree removed over 230 trees and ground over 250 stumps and removed excess debris to clean the grounds around the removal. We enjoyed the opportunity and thank those who allowed us to take part in helping honor our service men and women.


Marietta National Cemetery

Trinity Tree also had the honor and privilege to work for Marietta National Cemetery. The land of the cemetery was donated for use as a national cemetery in 1866 and contains more than 17,300 remains of those who sacrificed their lives. The scope of work completed for the cemetery was a 110 foot tall and 8 foot in diameter red oak tree that was at risk of falling due to rot at the base. The complexity of the job was very tedious in order to preserve and protect the nearby headstones and the grounds of the cemetery. But by hard work and sound planning, Trinity Tree was able to remove the tree and stump without any damage to nearby stones or harm to the grounds. Again, it was our pleasure to be selected to work for this establishment to help preserve its history and honor those who fought and gave their lives for our freedoms

What is our mission?

When it comes to tree care needs, we give you the highest level of service done right to the ground; from removing hazardous trees to unwanted stumps, our team strives to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the service you receive.

Our History

Why the Name Trinity?

Trinity, in Christian doctrine, is the alliance of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as three persons in one Godhead. It was established in the history of Christianity that God came to us in a threefold figure: as our Creator, as Jesus Christ our Savior, and as the Holy Spirit. Trinity Tree is a Christian based company, and we wanted a name that would honor our God and Savior as a testimony of His love, grace, mercy, and salvation to the world. He has provided us the opportunity and the privilege to work with a great team to allow us to provide services to our customers so that we may provide for our families. So, in honor of Him, Jesus Christ, who provides a unity above all, we named the company, Trinity Tree Services.